Request for Suspension of Membership

The Club has a suspension of membership on the grounds of ill-health. If a member will be unable to play for a significant period (normally more than three months) then he/she can apply to the Committee to have his her/membership suspended. To take advantage of this the member must have fully paid the annual fee or, if paying in installments, commit to continuing to pay until the full fee has been paid.

The scheme operates such that if the membership is suspended then the following year's fee will be reduced by the proportion of the year to which the suspension applied. As an example, if the suspension was for six months, then the following year the fee due would be discounted by 50%. If the period of inability to play is not certain then the membership can be suspended for an initial period (minimum 3 months) and the increased if the condition persists for a longer period.

To take advantage of the scheme the member must apply in advance, in writing, to the Secretary, stating the reason and the expected length of the suspension. The application must be accompanied by confirmation in the form of a sick note/doctor's letter/similar of the condition. The Committee will consider this request and the final decision is entirely at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee may consider requests to suspend membership for other reasons but agreement to these is entirely at the discretion of the Committee.